We need the arts now more than ever – and I’m not just saying that because I’m an artist! 

In a world that is increasingly divided, wounded, and disconnected, we need the balms of empathy, compassion, connection, and communication – all of which I have seen flourish through the beauty and power of theatre. Particularly theatre that is rooted in civic engagement. 

And as passionate as I am about the artistic side of theatrical creation, I am equally passionate about the engagement side! I love connecting with people, and I feel so inspired and honored when I have the opportunity to watch an individual use their gifts to leave their mark on the world.  

My leadership style is grounded in empathy, collaboration, and empowerment, and maintains an ongoing commitment to addressing issues of cultural humility, equity, diversity, and inclusion. My training as a therapist has reinforced a core belief that each individual is the expert of their own life, and they already have all of the answers within them; my job is never to tell anyone what to do, but merely to ask the right questions, offer inquisitive feedback, and hold a safe container for bold and brave exploration. 

Whether through workshops, courses, devising projects, or trainings, drop me a note and let’s chat about what you’re looking for and how I might be able to serve you! 

Teaching Services

Workshops, Camps, & Courses

Need an instructor or facilitator for a theatre-based class or workshop? I just might be able to help you out! I specialize in novice acting, play and improvisation, embodied performance, and emotional expression, and I have the most experience working with kids, adolescents, and neurodivergent folx. Whether you're looking for a one-time workshop, or a weeks-long class series, we'll work together to create curricula that meets your targets and goals. 

Devising Projects

Want to create new theatrical work? Me too! Devising work is one of my absolute favorite things to do; the final product is so rewarding, although the process is extremely challenging. A successful devising process requires a dedicated, compassionate, and skilled facilitator to guide the process, from the beginning stages of play and content development, through writer's rooms and workshopping, to finally getting the show on its feet. I offer facilitation for both solo and ensemble pieces in autobiographical theatre, therapeutic theatre, and theatre for social change. 

Teaching Artist Training

Learning about the world of teaching artistry truly blew my mind as I watched the number of opportunities explode right in front of my eyes. Developing the skills to teach as an independent artist can bolster resumes, increase opportunities, and facilitate connections among burgeoning artists. My training as a therapist offered me invaluable skills that are vital for teaching artists to know, including taking the temperature of the group, maintaining an inclusive space, flexibility and adaptability, creating lesson plans, and developing an appropriate emotional/creative arc. 

Writing Collaborations & Freelancing

So this one is less teaching-based, but for lack of a better place to put it, it's going here! In addition to my services as a teaching artist, I'm also happy to offer my writing skills for collaborating on new works, for editing and offering feedback, and for freelancing on whatever your organization's needs might be. I specialize in creative writing (particularly allegory and metaphor) and playwriting, but I'm happy to help out outside of those specialities, too. Drop me a note on what you're looking for and we can chat about how my writing may be of service to you! 

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Let's Work Together!

How can I be of service to you? Drop me a note below with a few details on what you're looking for, and I'll be in touch to schedule a meeting to chat further!