The Suspension

The calm before the storm.

An apt description,

If not a tad overused.

The moment of suspension

At the top of the hill

Before the plunge

And the thrill of the ride.

The last few seconds of sunset,

Right before the fire disappears

Beyond the horizon,

When you can see it vanish

Before your own eyes.

Watching a cake as it

Slides out of the pan and

Onto the tray,

Hoping –


That it comes out in one piece.

Sending the email

That you just spent forty-five minutes typing,

And staring at the screen with bated breath,

Wondering when and how

They’ll respond.

Eyes glued to the ball

As it leaves the quarterback’s hands

And sails through the air,



Will he catch it?

Will they score?

Eyes wide,

Chest still,


A baby walking –

Mostly teetering –

From one parent to another.

Each wobbly step

Taken slowly,


Trying their hardest not to fall,

Until at last,

They fall into their parent’s arms.

The hours,

Or days,

Or weeks,

Following an exam,

Not knowing how you did

Or if you passed

Or if the results come back

The way you hope.

The days,

Or weeks,

Or months,

After you order something –

Something so exciting that you check the mailbox

Every day in anticipation,

Eager for its awaited arrival.

The jump from a


Into the clear blue water below

When your heart stops beating

And is hovering in your chest

While you’re hovering in midair

For the longest few seconds of your life

Before you plunge

Into the water.



The ultimate test of presence.

The magic that seems to slow time.

Sometimes pleasant.

Sometimes agonizing.

Sometimes it seems to pay off.

Sometimes it feels like a frustrating waste.

Regardless of

How it feels

Or what the outcome

Proves to be,

All waiting has

One thing

In common:


The period between the

Final step

And the end result,

Where there is


More to be done.

No action to take.

No updates

Or edits

Or final touches.


Just waiting.

Everything feels like it’s

Hanging in the balance.

Like my body is suspended

In midair,

Back foot leaping off the ledge

Yet front foot hasn’t touched down yet.

Just floating.

Wondering if I’ll land

On the other side.

Only time will tell.

… … …

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Photo credit: Jordan Donaldson | @jordi.d from Unsplash