I may love writing and performing, but I also love color and glitter and all things glam – and I found the perfect side hustle for me when the pandemic started. 

But first, some backstory...

In February 2020, I moved to the City that Never Sleep – NYC – to pursue a career in playwriting. Three weeks later, well...you know what happened. The world shut down, and my time in NYC was cut short before it had even started. (But there is a silver lining here: I got in exactly one Broadway show before the shutdown. Don't ask what it was, though, because you might be disappointed with the answer.)

After about a month of managing the myriad feelings stirred up by the shutdown, while also unemployed and uninspired, I decided to try join a company that had provided a small source of light in the wake of the pandemic. 

In April 2020, I signed up to work as an independent stylist with the dry nail polish company Color Street. 

And y'all: that has been one of the single greatest decisions of my life. 

But before I continue, let me share a little bit with you about what Color Street is, for those who aren't familiar with it! 

Color Street is a dry nail polish strip that is truly like no other – it has totally changed my manicure game! Some fast facts about these beauties include: 

  • 100% nail polishwith a base, color, & top coat all in one

  • Fast & easy to apply: can be done in under 10 minutes

  • Zero dry timebecause the polish goes on dry!

  • No tools required: everything you need is in the package

  • Lasts 7-10 days: sometimes longer with more layers

  • Removable with nail polish removeryes, you heard right

  • Made in the USA: New Jersey, to be exact! 

These strips are so fun and easy to use – when I was struggling to manage the overwhelming feelings of disappointment and frustration back in March and April, doing my nail once a week was the one thing I actually looked forward to. 

So when the opportunity to join the company presented itself, it didn't take me long to hop on board. And it has been the most phenomenal learning experience I have ever had – and that's coming from a master's grad! This business has pushed me further outside of my comfort zone than I have ever gone, and it continues to push me every day to grow as a businesswoman, as an artist, and as a person. Never in my life would I have believed I would be working in independent sales, and yet here I am. As uncomfortable as I've felt, I would absolutely do it all over again. 

Plus, this business has become so much more than simply a growing edge for me.

In June, after trying to wait out the beginning stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, I made the hard decision to leave NYC and return home to Ohio. Heartbroken as I was to have left before I ever got to start, knowing that next time, I wouldn't be able to return without a job, I started looking at my budding little business in a new light. 

It is my hope that as I continue to learn the ropes of business and marketing and as I continue to grow my customers and my team, that this little business will help me get back to New York City – the city of my dreams (hence, Empire State Sparkle)!

Please know that every purchase you make, every post you share, every party you host, every one of you who joins my team – you all make a difference. You all help me get closer to realizing my dreams. My heart is filled with gratitude, and it will only continue to increase. So thank you – truly, deeply, thank you. 

Any mani-acs out there interested in learning more? I have a few options to get you some more information! 

  • If this dry nail polish has piqued your interest, I'd love to send you a free two-finger sample! Fill out my sample request form & I'll get a sample in the mail to you ASAP.

  • Or maybe you're ready to dive in & try it out for yourself! You can shop my stylist link & find some gorgeous sets to match your beautiful self! (Be sure to take advantage of the Buy 3, Get 1 Free deal, good on all sets except French tips, which are Buy 1, Get 1 Free!)

  • If you're on Facebook, request to join my VIP group, Empire State Sparkle, for exclusive updates on launches, specials & deals, and general merriment & fun! 

  • If you're not on Facebook but want to be a part of my VIP community, scroll down to the contact box below, fill out your name & email, and mention in the message that you'd like to join my Empire State Sparkle mailing list

  • If you're curious about my job as a stylist and how you might be able to start doing what I do, send me a message through the contact box below & let me know you'd like more information on the stylist opportunity! No pressure to join, we can just have a conversation & get you some more information.

And of course, please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns! Can't wait to see you join the glam community that is Empire State Sparkle! 

Wanna get in touch? I'd love to hear from you!

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