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Anyone who knows me knows that color is my jam. From my jewelry to my tattoos to my hair - even my closet is color-coordinated and represents every color of the rainbow! I may be an introspective freelance writer, but I still love to get glam on the outside. 

And let's not forget the addition of color to the fingers and toes! My toenails are almost always painted, but fingernails were a different story. Over the years, I have found that my patience to paint my fingernails and wait for them to dry dwindled. It hardly seemed worth doing after a while because I would almost always smudge the polish (or I'd do them before bed and then wake up with sheet-prints on them - you know what I'm talking about, right?), and they would chip after two or three days anyways. It just didn't seem worth the effort after a while. So I settled for colorful hair, toes, and clothes. 

Until one of my best friends introduced me to Color Street - a brand of dry nail polish strips. When she first told me about them, though, I was admittedly uninterested. I was less than a week away from performing my capstone and finishing grad school, so even though she let me use the other half of her Christmas set, I really didn't think too much more about them. 

Then she added me to her friend's Color Street Facebook group. I waited for several weeks, checking out the page, but doing nothing more than window shopping. Finally, I asked for a sample, and then I was hooked. I started purchasing sets of my own, and for the first time, I had killer nails that lasted so much longer than regular polish! 

So, what is Color Street?

  • Color Street strips are 100% nail polish that are 95% dry - they go on just like a sticker, but include nail polish base, color, and top coats all in one!

  • They go on fast and are easy to apply - I can do a manicure in 10 minutes and then immediately go about my day because there is zero dry time involved.

  • They last up to 10 days (some folks have gotten up to 14 days!), and when I'm ready to take them off, they are easily removed with nail polish remover.

  • Each set comes with 16 strips and only costs $11-$14, depending on the set! 

  • These strips are all made in the USA - just across the river from me in New Jersey, actually!

Is it any wonder that I fell hard for these nail strips? Just look at some of these rockin' manis I've created for myself over the past few months! (I've even included some of my cousin's nailfies, who loves Color Street just as much as I do!) Click the photo to enlarge.

These dry nail polish strips have changed my life - it may seem small, but taking the time to give myself a manicure does wonders for my self-care (especially right now), and wearing a cute manicure boosts my confidence and style. This small addition to my life has made a big change, and I wanted to share it with others the way my best friend had shared it with me. 

So I joined the Color Street team as an independent stylist, and am loving the new opportunities I have to share these amazing strips with other mani-lovers and run my own business! 

If Color Street sounds like something you'd like to try, please let me know! I'd love to send you a 2-finger sample pack, or get you hooked up with a full set, if you just want to dive right in! 

Or maybe you just want to learn a little more about the strips or the business opportunity - that's okay, too! Please do not hesitate to reach out through the contact form below, and I'll be in touch to answer any questions you may have! I look forward to hearing from you! 


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