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My name is Kate Olson: I'm a writer, performer, healer, activist, and educator living my dream in New York City! After spending most of my life in Columbus, OH, my spirit decided that I needed some adventure. In less than three years, I moved to San Francisco, started my master's degree, worked as a therapist, learned the art of playwriting, engaged in hours upon hours of healing and self-reflection, decided that I didn't want to be a therapist, and made my second bicoastal move back east to my favorite city in the world! 


I am a writer - playwriting, to be specific - but I am deeply inspired by my education as a therapist and the relationships I have developed both with myself and others. My mission is to connect with, inspire, and encourage others in finding their most authentic, radiant selves through storytelling, deep listening, and community. I believe that the deeper we know and love ourselves, and the braver we are in facing the hard feelings that come with being a human person, the more love, light, and compassion we offer to the world. 

('About Me' video filmed and edited by Michael Herrera.)

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