Welcome! I'm glad you're here! 

My name is Kate: I’m an Ohio-based writer, performer, healer, and activist. Trained as a therapist and passionate about creativity as a means of healing and change, I strive to make a difference in the world by using my own artistry to tell the stories I used to believe weren’t worth sharing – stories about myself that had long been shut down and silenced. 


Sharing stories and sharing art is the emotional lifeblood of humanity, but my experiences throughout most of my life had cut me off from my own confidence and sense of worthiness – in young childhood, I never feared sharing my emotional experiences. I often offered my vulnerability and feelings as authentic expressions to my friends and family; but for reasons I’ll likely never know, that was ridiculed. My vulnerability and sensitivity were targeted, so I quickly learned to stop sharing. 


I silenced myself – and eventually lost my voice – to keep myself safe. 


My discovery of theatre set me on the path towards finding that voice again, and on that path came the development of spirituality, discovery of the field of drama therapy, and years of personal healing as I relearned how to be vulnerable and tell my stories again. After nearly two decades of silence, I had found my voice. 


So what exactly is this blog then? I like to think of it as a sort of public diary – an offering of my experiences grappling with the complexities of life, of emotional experiences, of simply being human! None of the stories shared here are ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ ways to live or experience life – this is not a how-to blog. It is simply an offering of my thoughts, feelings, and experiences.


I can’t tell you how to find your voice or how to tell your own stories: that’s up to you. So why am I publishing this blog at all?


Because it is my hope that perhaps my stories might help you discover that for yourself, and that you may find the confidence to own your experience, the wisdom to know if and when you want to share your stories, and the courage to be vulnerable in a world that would rather silence us. 


Whether you ever choose to share your story with me, I offer you this: Your story is valid. Your voice is a light in a world that wants to keep us in darkness. And your experiences are beautiful and real and yours, regardless of what anybody else says. 

Let us work to bring a little more light, authenticity, and love into the world. 



('About Me' video filmed and edited by Michael Herrera.)